IPP> NOT - Job Progress Monitoring (sheet completion) paper down loade d

IPP> NOT - Job Progress Monitoring (sheet completion) paper down loade d

IPP> NOT - Job Progress Monitoring (sheet completion) paper down loade d

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri May 21 04:25:18 EDT 1999

I've down-loaded the updated Job Progress Attributes for monitoring
sheet/impression completion.  Send any comments on the DL.  We hope to cover
this paper at the IPP WG meeting next week.


This is the third and last paper on notification.  None of these three
notification papers are being proposed to be added to the IPP/1.1 document.
Rather they will be progressed as one or more separate documents which are
extensions to both IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1.

Here is the Abstract and TOC of the Job Progress Attributes paper:

IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1 Job Progress Attributes and Event Report Content
Version 0.3
This paper defines five new Job Description attributes to be registered for
use with IPP/1.0 [RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod].  These attributes are
drawn from the PWG Job Monitoring MIB [jmp-mib].  They were originally
contained in the long notification proposal [ipp-not-long], and have been
placed in this separate more manageable-sized specification.  This paper
also defines a new "sheet-collate" Job Template attribute to control sheet
collation.  This paper also defines a new IPP notification event report
format that includes these attributes and some existing attributes.  These
new attributes may also be used by themselves as useful job progress
monitoring attributes.  The new attributes are:
	"job-collation-type" (type2 enum)
	"sheet-completed-copy-number" (integer(-2:MAX))
	"sheet-completed-document-number" (integer(-2:MAX))
	"impressions-interpreted" (integer(-2:MAX))
	"impressions-completed-current-copy" (integer(-2:MAX))
	"sheet-collate" (boolean)               -- Job Template attribute

1	New Job Template attribute	2
1.1	"sheet-collate" (boolean)	2
2	New IPP Job Description attributes	2
2.1	"job-collation-type" (type2 enum)	2
2.2	"sheet-completed-copy-number" (integer(-2:MAX))	3
2.3	"sheet-completed-document-number" (integer(-2:MAX))	4
2.4	"impressions-interpreted" (integer(-2:MAX))	4
2.5	"impressions-completed-current-copy" (integer(-2:MAX))	4
3	Job Progress Events Report Format	4
4	Job Description Attributes for Monitoring Job Progress	5
5	Change History	9
5.1	Changes made to the April 16, 1999 version to make the May 19, 1999
version	9
6	References	9

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