IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP Phone Conference - 990630

IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP Phone Conference - 990630

IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP Phone Conference - 990630

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jun 30 16:05:03 EDT 1999

Attendees:  Ron Bergman, Lee Farrell, Tom Hastings, Bob Herriot, Carl
Kugler, Ira McDonald, Hugo Parra, Mike Shepherd, Peter Zehler

A. Notification Requirements document

We covered Larry Masinter's requirements comments (see separate reply to
that mail message).  Some good things to add to our requirements document.

We will update the Requirements document after the IPP WG and IETF meetings
in Copenhagen and Oslo with these and other comments and suggestions.

B. The Set-Job-Attributes and 7 Admin operations registration proposal

We agreed that it was ok to add these administrative operations to IPP
(though the few dissenters were not present on the call).

We also discussed whether there were other similar operations that should be
considered now.  We even looked at DPA Part 3 for ideas as well.


1. We don't want to add the following DPA operations for the reasons

a. Create and Delete objects operation - Currently, IPP only has the Printer
object so trying to create or delete it doesn't make sense.  We have
Cancel-Job for individual job objects which are then aged out of the Job
History and we have Purge-Jobs which gets rid of all jobs, including the Job

b. Interrupt-Job - Its really a macro sequence of Promote-Job-Next,
Pause-Current-Job, Resume-Job, so don't add Interrupt-Job.

c. Control - Instead, any specific operation should be proposed for
extension/registration, rather than having a miscellaneous operation.  Then
its clear in directories and querying the Printer what the Printer supports.
If an implementor needs a private operation, they can make a private
operation, rather than a private attribute to  the Control operation.

2. We would like to add the following similar operations to the 8 in the
current proposal:

Pause-Current-Job - target is the Printer with an OPTIONAL job-id for

Pause-Job - target is the job, but it has to be in the 'processing' or
'processing-stopped' states.  Job goes into the 'held' state with
'job-paused' job state reason.

Resume-Job - target is the job, which must be in the 'held' state with
'job-paused' job state reason.  Release-Job will reject releasing a paused

Space-Printer - target is the printer.  Same semantics as Space-Current-Job.
Printer must not be in the 'processing' state.

Restart-Printer - target is the printer which must have been shutdown with
the (new) 'standby' option.

Reset-Printer - target is the printer.  The operation attribute has keyword
values that correspond one-to-one with the Printer MIB:

power-recycle-reset          powerCycleReset(4), -- Cold Start
reset-to-nvram               resetToNVRAM(5), -- Warm Start
reset-to-factory-defaults    resetToFactoryDefaults(6) -- Reset contents of
                                                       -- NVRAM to factory
                                                       -- defaults

3. Add a REQUIRED to support, but OPTIONAL to supply, "job-id" operation
attribute to the Xxx-Current-Job operations, that check that the current job
is the one identified by the "job-id", and if not, rejects the operation.
This helps with the race condition that happens if the current job just

4. Add an operation attribute to the Shutdown-Printer operation to indicate
whether to power-off the device(s) or put into standby mode.  In standby
mode, a Get-Printer-Attributes and a Restart-Printer operation are accepted.

5. We changed the Set-Job-Attributes and Set-Printer-Attributes operation to
allow explicit setting of the "job-message-from-operator" and
"printer-message-from-operator" explicitly.  For the other operator
operations, there is a corresponding operation attribute that allows the
operation to set the message.  If he/she does not supply this operation
attribute, the job or printer message is unchanged.

6. To help with stale operator messages, we added two read-only Printer
Description attributes:
These are RECOMMENDED if "printer-message-from-operator" is supported.
The Printer sets these to the date-time that the operator set the message
and the operation that set the message.

7. Carl is checking to see if the non-process-run-out can be removed and
indicated as a default behavior.  Same for synchronize.

I'll try to update the spec today with these changes, so that they can be
comments on on the DL and discussed at the IPP WG meeting.

Please send any comments/corrections to these minutes so I update the spec

C. Notification specs

We did not get time to process the issues or discuss these specs.  Bob
Herriot will continue the discussion on the Notification Requirements
document and the two Notification Specs at the Oslo IPP WG meeting next

D. Future telecons

There will not be a telecon next week.  Too many people are at the IPP WG
meeting or on vacation.  There will be a telecon Wednesday, July 14, two
weeks from today.  Bob will send mail or call in from Oslo to indicate
developments from the IPP session at the IETF meeting which happens
Wednesday morning in Oslo.


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IPP Phone Conference - 990630

We will hold our usual IPP phone conference on Wednesday, June 30.
(None for next Wednesday, July 7)


1. Notification Requirements
same as: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-ipp-not-02.txt
except more readable text and has line numbers.
   Email discussion
   Issues listed in the document

2. The Set-Job-Attributes and 7 Admin operations registration proposal
   Email discussion
   Issues listed in the document

3. The Notification Specs
   The Email discussion
   Issues listed in the document
   (I'm not sure we will get to this item on the telecon)

The discussion will be carried forward to the Copenhagen IPP WG meeting,
July 7-8.  The notification will also be covered at the IPP session at the
IETF meeting the following week in Oslo.

Here is the dial-in information:

Time:     June 23, 1999 10:00 - 12:00 PST (1:00 - 3:00 EST)
Phone:    1-888-749-8496 (8*534-8273 for Xerox folks)
Passcode: 86037#   (PLESE NOTE THE NEW PASSCODE)

You need to key in the pound sign at the end too.


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