IPP> printer-uri-supported question [Ok if Pete's answers go in the IIG?]

IPP> printer-uri-supported question [Ok if Pete's answers go in the IIG?]

IPP> printer-uri-supported question [Ok if Pete's answers go in the IIG?]

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Aug 4 03:20:04 EDT 1999


Looks like good material for the IIG?  We should also look at the FAQ and
see if there is anything in it that should go in the IIG.  Maybe all of it
(that is still correct)?


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A couple of questions have come up that I thought I should verify with the
group at large.

1) If the IPP printer has an DNS name should there be at least two values
for the printer-uri-supported attribute? One URL with the fully qualified
DNS name the other with the IP address in the URL.
PZ> The printer may contain one or the other or both.  See below.

2) Must the operational attribute for printer-uri match one of the values in
PZ> A forgiving printer implementation would not reject the operation.  The
printer may not be DNS capable or improperly configured.  The request
obviously reached the printer.  The printer could treat the printer-uri as
the logical equivalent of a value in the printer-uri-supported.  It would be
implementation dependent for which value, and associated security policy,
would apply. 

3) Does this above logic also apply to a job object specified with a
printer-uri and job-id?  Is it also true for a job specified with a job-uri?
PZ> Yes and yes

4) Can a restrictive implementation reject a printer or job operation if the
operational attribute printer-uri is not a value of the
PZ> Yes it could, with an error code of client-error-not-found

5) Must the URL in the printer-uri-supported attribute be absolute(i.e.
fully qualified)?
PZ> Yes.  The printer-supported-uri is transformed by well defined rules to
arrive at the address used in the HTTP layer.

Any comments?
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