IPP> NOT - Notification Attribute Summary table posted

IPP> NOT - Notification Attribute Summary table posted

IPP> NOT - Notification Attribute Summary table posted

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Aug 16 21:37:46 EDT 1999

In order to help us all understand the attributes used in the current IPP
Notification proposal agreed to on the most recent IPP telecons, I've posted
a four-page .pdf file that:

	1. Page 2 (portrait) - summarizes the operations for Per-Job and
Per-Printer subscriptions.

	2. Pages 3-4 (landscape) lists the attributes used in Job and
Subscription objects, Job and Printer Notifications, Job operations (Per-Job
subscriptions) and Subscribe operations (Per-Printer subscriptions).


I'll bring 20 copies and transparencies of it to the Alaska IPP meeting this
Wed and Thursday.  Send any comments on the mailing list.

When building this table I noticed some lack of parallelism between the Job
and Subscription objects which are highlighted in yellow with a "?":

ISSUE a - Should "attributes-charset" and "attributes-natural-language" be
on the Subscription object, same as they are on the Job and Printer object?

TH> I think that they should be for consistence with all IPP objects to
record the charset and language to be used for future responses.

ISSUE b - Trigger-time, date-time, and trigger event attributes should be on
both Job and Subscription objects or on neither (currently they are only on
the Job object?

TH>  I don't see the need on either the Job or Subscription object.  The
Printer object itself has its own state and state reasons, same for Job.
They indicate what the current state and enough of how the Job or Printer
got there that we don't need to have a mini-event history.

ISSUE c - Should the Subscription object should have a "printer-uri"
attribute which is the URI used to create the Subscription object. 

TH>  The "printer-uri" attribute is needed, same as on the Job object
(job-printer-uri) for knowing which type of security to use and respond



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