IPP> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

IPP> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

IPP> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

henrik.holst at i-data.com henrik.holst at i-data.com
Wed Aug 25 08:23:43 EDT 1999

Yes, I think I have seen a internet chat program once, I don't remember what it
was called,
but you was able to se the history of the chat. So if you wasn't connected at
the time a man
wrote a chat message, you was able to see it when you connected later on.


Jay Martin <jkm at underscore.com> on 24-08-99 15:23:33

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Subject:  Re: IPP> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG

This sounds like a good idea.  Given your comments, you must be assuming
that the chat is recorded in some way, right?


henrik.holst at i-data.com wrote:
> Richard
> I like the idea of using some kind of internet chat, specially because of
> the time zone differents between US and Europe. Then I don't have to
> stay up all night to attend a telephone conference, if I am prevented to
> attend a meeting.
> Henrik Holst
> Richard Shockey <rshockey at ix.netcom.com> on 19-08-99 23:54:50
> To:   Jay Martin <jkm at underscore.com>, don at lexmark.com
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> Subject:  Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Future work of the PWG
> >
> >
> > > Do you have any siggestions on how to leverage technology to make this
> > workable
> > > without suppressing the discussion?
> >
> >No, not really.  Although video conferencing sure would be nice...
> Maybe this is a silly idea but how about one of those Internet Chat like
> systems. A member of the on site team would be designated as NetScribe
> Moderator to post the current discussion thread on line and then relay
> questions from logged in users.  You'd need a fast typist and the moderator
> would need nothing more than a dial up Net Connection.
> The advantage of this system is that the participants on site would not be
> directly disturbed by folks cutting by voice in but could post questions
> and follow a abbreviated meeting agenda.
> I really dont know much about the software involved but essentially you go
> to a web site,  log in some sort of Java client app thing is loaded up and
> you see the scrolling threads.You can post messages to the moderator who
> can then control the threads. I've recently participated in a couple of
> these moderated chat sessions and it sort of works.
> >
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