IPP> ADM - 14 documents for IPP WG meeting, 9/22-23/99 in Den ver

IPP> ADM - 14 documents for IPP WG meeting, 9/22-23/99 in Den ver

IPP> ADM - 14 documents for IPP WG meeting, 9/22-23/99 in Den ver

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Possibly the omission of the one week rule is a bug in our PWG process
document.  I could only find the one week rule mentioned in the section 4.1
on PWG White Papers:

   It is strongly recommended that no item be opened for discussion on the
agenda of a
   PWG meeting without first having been documented in a white paper which
has been made
   available for review at least one week prior to the meeting where the
paper is to 
   be discussed.  

Also in other standards bodies with a one week rule, the rule is that a
paper made available less than a week before the meeting is not considered
if there are objections to considering it, rather than an out and out ban on
considering such a paper.

I would hope that the group would consider Hugo's and Harry's contributions.

I'm certainly in favor of getting papers out a week ahead of time so that
people can read them ahead of the meeting.


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Of course any document posted after 9/14 DOES NOT meet the one week deadline

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Subject:  IPP> ADM - 14 documents for IPP WG meeting, 9/22-23/99 in Denver

Here are the list of 14 documents for the IPP WG Meeting, 9/22/99 - 9/23/99
in Denver that Carl-Uno and I have collected for the agenda.  There are
quite a few documents this time.  Most of them have been seen before.  Some
are important mail messages previously sent.  I've copied this agenda file

Carl-Uno, Harry, and Hugo are bringing copies of their documents.  The URLs
are also indicated below:

Documents for the IPP WG meeting, September 22-23, 1999 Denver

IPP/1.1 Model and Semantics:
1.   RE: IPP> MOD> printer-state-reasons [please put this on the IPP W G
meeting agenda], September 20, 1999, Hastings
2.   Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: "finishings" attribute values
extension, September 21, 1999, Manros, Hastings, Fullman
3.   Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: "media" attribute values extension,
September 21, 1999, Manros, Hastings, Fullman
4.   Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: Implementer's Guide, September 14,
1999, Hastings, Manros, Kugler, Holst

5.   Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 & 1.1: IPP Event Notification
Specification - Alternative, September 10, 1999, Isaacson, Martin, deBry,
Hastings, Shepherd, Bergman
6.   IPP> NOT - Proposed alternative to make Per-Job like Per-Printer
subscriptions, September 13, 1999, Hastings [explains document 5]
7.   IPP> NOT - UPDATED 15 Notification Issues for IPP WG Meeting,
September 20, 1999, Hastings [issues in document 5]
8.   Definition of Managed Objects for IPP Servers using SMIv2
<draft-ietf-ipp-server-mib-00.txt>, September 19, 1999, McDonald, Hastings
[SNMP/UDP transport method for IPP notification delivery]
9.   Internet Printing Protocol: HTTP-Based IPP Notification Protocol,
September 20, 1999, Parra [HTTP transport method for IPP notification
10.  Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: attribute syntax for Collection,
September 9, 1999, deBry, Hastings, Herriot [new 'collection' attribute
syntax used by Notification]
11.  IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1: Job Progress Attributes, September 13, 1999,
Hastings, Lewis, Bergman [definition of job progress attributes used by
'job-progress' event in Notification]

Set 2 Operations:
12.  Internet Printing Protocol: Additional Optional Operations -
Requirements, August 31, 1999, Lewis
Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 & 1.1: Set2 Operations, September 19, 1999,
Lewis, Kugler, Hastings

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