IPP> Posted new 'printer:' template (v0.4) - 22 October 1999

IPP> Posted new 'printer:' template (v0.4) - 22 October 1999

IPP> Posted new 'printer:' template (v0.4) - 22 October 1999

Ira Mcdonald imcdonal at sdsp.mc.xerox.com
Fri Oct 22 09:26:24 EDT 1999

Hi folks,

I just sent this on to Cynthia Clark (the I-D Editor) this morning
and posted it for immediate access  to the PWG's server in the
IPP section at:




(Sorry that URL was too long for one line)

This update aligns the 'printer:' template (last revised in
February 1999) with the final form of IPP/1.1 Model (June 1999),
Appendix E 'Generic Directory Schema'.  Tom Hastings helped point
out the necessary updates.  Copy of my note to Cynthia follows.

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc
  (co-editor of SLP 'printer:' template)

Copies: "Internet Drafts Editor" <internet-drafts at ietf.org>
        "Pete St. Pierre" <Pete.StPierre at eng.sun.com>
        "Ira McDonald" <imcdonal at sdsp.mc.xerox.com>

I-D Editor,                                   Thursday (21 October 1999)


Please place this document in the Internet-Drafts repository named:

    <draft-ietf-svrloc-printer-scheme-04.txt> (October 1999)

It replaces the previous:

    <draft-ietf-svrloc-printer-scheme-03.txt> (February 1999)

This draft has been updated to conform to RFC 2609, June 1999.

[IPP WG - This draft has also been updated to be a conforming superset
of Appendix E in the IPP/1.1 Model, <draft-ietf-ipp-model-v11-04.txt>
(work-in-progress), June 1999, now in the RFC Editor's queue.]

Thanks very much,
- Ira McDonald (SVRLOC WG and IPP WG member)
  High North Inc
  imcdonal at sdsp.mc.xerox.com


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