IPP> [IPP] Issue on Hold Job operation

IPP> [IPP] Issue on Hold Job operation

IPP> [IPP] Issue on Hold Job operation

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Dec 14 19:36:40 EST 1999

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Subject: IPP> Issue on Hold Job operation

Hi all,
I have an issue on Hold-Job operation.....
Assume that a create job request has been processed successfully by a
IPP server, it now creates a job object with the job state as
'pending-held' and job state reason being 'job-data-insufficient'....

Now suppose the server receives a Hold-Job operation on the newly
created job object,
should the request be processsed...

TH> Yes.

If so what would be the effective job state and job state reason for the job

TH> For "job-state":
Since the job is already in the 'pending-held' state, the new job state
would be the same. See the state transition table and Rule 1.

TH> For "job-state-reasons":
Rule 1 under the table applies since your example implementation has more
than one reason to hold jobs:
Rule 1:  If the implementation supports multiple reasons for a job to be in
the 'pending-held' state, the IPP object MUST add the
'job-hold-until-specified' value to the job's "job-state-reasons" attribute.

and what would be the status code to be returned back to the client

TH> 'successful-ok'

Thank U

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