IPP> [IPP] CreateJob Request

IPP> [IPP] CreateJob Request

IPP> [IPP] CreateJob Request

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Dec 14 19:47:23 EST 1999

I agree that the spec is not clear what error status code should be returned
or whether supplying a job with no documents is even an error.  Maybe the
user is testing the job start sheets or the access rights of the Printer and
really does want to print a job that has no documents.

What should the IIG say about this case?

If an implementation did want to return an error status code, the general
bad request status code might be sufficient: client-error-bad-request (0x0400)

The request could not be understood by the IPP object due to malformed
syntax (such as the value of a fixed length attribute whose length does not
match the prescribed length for that attribute - see the Implementer's Guide
[IPP-IIG] ).  The IPP application SHOULD NOT repeat the request without

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Hi EveryBody..
I have a doubt on the status code to be sent back to the IPP Client
Suppose a IPP Server receives a create-job request and is processed
a job object will be created at the IPP Server.
For this job object if the IPP client does not send any document or uri
but issues a last-doc..
Now there is no document for the job object ..so what would be the
status code
that is to be returned back to the client

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