IPP> Short Notes from IETF 53

IPP> Short Notes from IETF 53

IPP> Short Notes from IETF 53

Carl carl at manros.com
Fri Mar 22 20:09:23 EST 2002


I am back after the IETF 53 meeting. A few personal observations until you
get the better notes from Lee later:

1) The IETF management wants to keep the riff-raff out and are selecting
meeting places that are unattractive, like Minneapolis in March. Hence less
than 1,500 people this time, which probably means that they will have to
raise the conference price further (from $425 this time) when they go to
Yokohama in July :-(

2) I was obviously checking with people about job chances, but it seems that
almost no companies are hiring at present, unless you can program in C++ and
Java and don't want too much salary.

3) We had a total of 5 people coming to the IPP meeting. Fortunately that
included my note taker Lee Farrell, our Area Director Ned Freed, and one of
the chairs from the IETF FAX WG Claudio Allocchio, so we got a few things

4) Remaining tasks before we can fold up the WG:
	a) Respond to IESG comments on Notifications, including selecting one
delivery method as mandatory.
	b) Dig out earlier AD comments on the IPP URL draft, to check if they were
	c) Get our final Implementer's Guide version out.

5) All IPP WG draft must be published as RFCs (or abandoned) before we can
close the WG, but the chances now look pretty good unless WE start dragging
our feet.

I include a picture from the IPP Meeting as attachment.


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