IPP> RE: Urgent - Ned not subscribed to IPP list

IPP> RE: Urgent - Ned not subscribed to IPP list

IPP> RE: Urgent - Ned not subscribed to IPP list

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Wed Apr 10 12:50:59 EDT 2002

Hi Patrik,

All of the mailing lists hosted by the PWG server were with _many_
announcements after a long warning period closed to all non-subscriber
postings last year, due to extremely high levels of spam (greater 
the valid postings to the lists).  All subscribers were warned and the
PWG site said as much on the Web pages.

Whether the host of the PWG server (Lexmark) can provide software to
send non-subscriber postings to a moderator and whether a moderator
volunteer can be found for the IPP list remains to be seen...

- Ira McDonald

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--On 2002-04-10 09.35 -0700 "McDonald, Ira" <imcdonald at sharplabs.com> wrote:

> Please subscribe to the IPP mailing list and _repost_ all IESG comments on
> any of the 12 IPP documents since December 2001.

This is not an acceptable practice. An IETF mailing list can not refuse
postings "just by magic". Rejected messages must be forwarded to a human
which makes a decision on whether the message should be approved or not.

See http://www.ietf.org/IESG/STATEMENTS/mail-submit-policy.txt


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