IPP> FW: BOUNCE ipp@pwg.org: Non-member submission from [ned.freed@mrochek.com]

IPP> FW: BOUNCE ipp@pwg.org: Non-member submission from [ned.freed@mrochek.com]

IPP> FW: BOUNCE ipp@pwg.org: Non-member submission from [ned.freed@mrochek.com]

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> Hi folks,

> Below is an excerpt from Ned Freed (IETF Applications Area Director)
> comments on ESMTP extensions for CONNEG from the IETF Internet FAX WG
> <draft-ietf-fax-esmtp-conneg-01.txt>:

> "...Although several examples of returned capabilities are shown, the
> isn't very specific about how capabilities have to be formatted. In
> I'd expect to see capabilities often stored as a single string without any
> breaks. Some advice on how to take such a string and format it for
inclusion in
> the reponse seems warranted."

> Note Ned's preference fill a flat string without newline characters.

Er, that wasn't my preference. I simply note that content capabilities
can and will be stored as a long string without any line breaks.

> Advice
> worth considering (although the IPP string length of 1024 would be
> problematic
> here...).

And since protocol limits may be incompatible with what's stored some
formatting may be necessary to return what's stored in a legitimate way.
The document needs to talk about how this is done or it is likely not to
be done correctly.


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