IPP> First Draft IPP Production Printing Attributes Set2 down-loaded - OK to progress it just on the IPP DL?

IPP> First Draft IPP Production Printing Attributes Set2 down-loaded - OK to progress it just on the IPP DL?

IPP> First Draft IPP Production Printing Attributes Set2 down-loaded - OK to progress it just on the IPP DL?

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Aug 23 07:12:10 EDT 2002

I've down loaded a first draft proposal for a second set of IPP Production
Printing attributes to be processed as a PWG IEEE-ISTO standard, just like
the first set of Production Printing Attribute (IEEE-ISTO 5100.3).  Its 70
pages.  We propose to process it on the IPP mailing list, rather than at a
face to face meeting, partly because there are no IPP face to face meeting
scheduled and partly because production printing isn't of interest to every
one.  However, we wanted to test with others if using the mailing list (and
any teleconferences that might be needed) was sufficient.  In case the IPP
participants feel that we should process the document at a face to face
meeting instead, then we should allocate some time at the next PWG meeting
November 4-8 in New Orleans.  

I hope that how to process this document and similar IPP extension documents
can be discussed at next week's PWG meeting.

Here are the documents:

821.pdf   300Kb
821.doc   500Kb

This specification has no outstanding issues listed, except some TBDs for
the IANA Registry section to finish listing exactly what will go in the IANA
Registry.  I've been working with IANA and we've come up with a simpler flat
file that will hold all attributes, values, operations, status code, tags.

Here is the Abstract:

This document specifies an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
(IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [RFC2910, RFC2911].  This extension
consists primarily of OPTIONAL Job Template for submitting print jobs
primarily (but not limited) to production printers.  These Job Template
attributes permit a user to save jobs for later reprinting, provide a
recipient name and a job phone number, provide the feed orientation, provide
the font name and font size, hold a job until a specific date and time,
specify an interpreter initialization file, and print a proof print(s) of
the job prior to printing the full run of the job.  
There are also Printer Description attributes to list the Job Creation
attributes supported, indicate whether jobs are spooled, and list the set of
media collections supported.
In addition, semantics for Attribute Precedence, a Queue Override
capability, and the capability to guarantee protocol precedence over the PDL
attribute are defined.

Here is the summary list from the Introduction table:

Operation attributes:
job-password (octetString(255)) - password for secure printing
job-password-encryption (type3 keyword | name(MAX)) - password encryption
method for secure printing

Job Template attributes:
feed-orientation (type3 keyword) - media edge to be fed into the print
engine from the paper tray
font-name-requested (name(MAX)) - font name when missing from the document
data (e.g. text documents)
font-size-requested (integer (1:MAX)) - font size when missing from the
document data (e.g. text documents)
job-hold-until-time (dateTime) - hold the job until the supplied date and
job-phone-number (text(127)) - contact telephone number for the job
job-recipient-name (name(MAX)) - name of the person that is to receive the
output of the job
job-save-disposition (collection) - save the Document Data of a job, such
that the job can be re-printed
pdl-init-file (1setOf collection) - controls initialization of the Printer's
PDL interpreter(s)
proof-print (collection) - control a proof print of the job before printing
a full run of the job

Job Description attribute:
job-printer-make-and-model (text(127))-make and model of the output device
which saved this job

Printer Description attributes:
job-creation-attributes-supported (1setOf type2 keyword) - set of Job
Creation attributes supported
job-password-supported (integer(0:127)) - maximum unencrypted password
length supported
job-password-encryption-supported (1setOf (type3 keyword | name(MAX))) -
encryption methods supports for Secure Print
job-spooling-supported (type2 keyword) - indicates whether or not jobs are
spooled before printing
max-save-info-supported (integer(1:MAX)) - maximum number of "save-info"
member attribute collections that a Printer can accept
media-col-database (1setOf collection) - set of media collections available
in the printer's media database
printer-detailed-status-messages (1setOf text(MAX)) - additional detailed
and technical information about the printer
which-jobs-supported (1setOf type2 keyword) - supported values for the
"which-jobs" operation attribute of the Get-Jobs operation

Please send any comments to the IPP DL.


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