IPP> Printer feedback

IPP> Printer feedback

IPP> Printer feedback

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Mon Nov 4 14:13:48 EST 2002

Hello Emile,

No, IPP can't do what you describe below.  IPP uses an HTTP transport,
but ONLY exchanges 'application/ipp' MIME binary-encoded messages.

The IEEE/ISTO PWG (Printer Working Group) is rapidly completing a
new Web Services printing interface, which uses WSDL-defined SOAP
operations, exchanging XML text-encoded messages, called Printing
Systems Interface (PSI).

The PSI effort above is using the XML schema definitions for the
entire semantic content of IPP being developed in the parallel
IEEE/ISTO PWG Semantic Model effort (nearing completion for
version 1.0).

Even if you don't want to use WSDL/SOAP infrastructure, you might
take advantage of the PWG Semantic Model definitions of all the
IPP semantic elements (media, finishing, etc.) in your forms-based
printing solution.

To learn more about these IEEE/ISTO PWG efforts, please visit the
PWG home page at http://www.pwg.org

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

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we're developing some software that requires the user to fill out a form
(generated on the server) before the printjob can be submitted,
something like

USER                           SERVER

request print job   --->
         <----                 Form to be filled in (XML-based)
send postscript + form ---->
         <-----                Acknowledge job


request print job   --->
         <----                 Form to be filled in (XML-based)
send postscript + form ---->
         <-----                PDF preview
Acknowledge preview   --->
         <-----                Acknowledge job

Is this at all possible using IPP? We currently have a proprietary
solution over http with active agents on buth sides, we'd like to
simplify stuff on the user side.


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