IPP> Document and Working Group Status

IPP> Document and Working Group Status

IPP> Document and Working Group Status

Danny.M.Brennan at kp.org Danny.M.Brennan at kp.org
Fri Jun 18 13:11:49 EDT 2004


This working group has four Internet-Drafts [1] that have been in the 
Evaluation :: Revised ID Needed" state for units measured in years.  What
this tells me is that the working group has been unresponsive to IESG 
comments.  I have asked the WG chair and at least one editor to review the
IESG comments and update the document as needed, but the response I 
was lukewarm.

Years is too long.  Something has got to change.  It's either time to 
the documents, finish them up, and close the working group, or to drop 
entirely and close the working group.

To that end: I want to see a reply to this note from the WG chair, posted 
this working group mailing list by 0000 UTC Friday 2 July 2004 (a little
more than two weeks from now), describing what the working group intends 
do with each of the four documents.  If no such plan is provided, the
working group will be closed due to inactivity and the documents will be

If a plan is provided it must include either a request to drop the 
or a date by which time the document will be updated and sent to the I-D
administrator for publication.  You may wish to consider finding new
document editors if the legacy editors are unable to update the documents.
I am willing to work with you on timeframes if the group shows a 
to move forward with the needed document updates.

IESG review comments can be found in the I-D tracker:


Discussion of possible ways forward is appropriate...

IESG Applications Area Advisor for IPP


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