IPP> RE: draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

IPP> RE: draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

IPP> RE: draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Thu Apr 8 00:11:35 EDT 2004

Appreciate it. Don't mean to trigger an avalanche. I figure your eyes are 
exposed to more drafts addressing like requirements than mine. If my 
assumption is incorrect, disregard my request. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

"Scott Hollenbeck" <sah at 428cobrajet.net> 
04/07/2004 07:20 PM

Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS
<carl at manros.com>, Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS, 
<hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com>, <ipp at pwg.org>
RE: draft-ietf-ipp-ops-set2-03


> I agree that it is essential to discuss security requirements 
> for admin ops. There must be other projects, drafts etc who 
> have encountered similar requirements. It might help (speed 
> things up) if you could point me to a reference which you 
> feel would align with our admin security requirements in 
> terms of scope and approach.

I'll try.  I'll see if I can find something by searching the RFC editor's
archives and maybe get some help from a security guy who knows something
about applications.


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