IPP> FW: Copyright statements in drafts

IPP> FW: Copyright statements in drafts

IPP> FW: Copyright statements in drafts

carl at manros.com carl at manros.com
Sat Jul 10 03:21:34 EDT 2004


Regarding some of the new required text in Internet Drafts.

This has been discussed for a while on the IETF Chairs list.

I raised a similar qustion to the one brougth up by Ira.

See my question and the official answer from the IETF Chair Harald
Alvestrand below.


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--On 3. juni 2004 15:49 -0700 carl at manros.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I am not sure whether I missed this in the discussion, but I can see some
> problems with Copyright statements in early drafts. There may well be
> people or organizations which already hold patents or copyrights for
> things that find their way into I-Ds. If they are not actively involved
> in that particular WG, they may not discover any infringements until the
> RFC is in IETF wide Last Call. Hopefully we provide for Copyright
> objections at that stage, even if there has been umpteen earlier I-Ds on
> the subject.

We do - which is why the phrase "reasonably and personally known to the
submitter" in RFC 3667 / 3668 is so important.


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