IPP> CUPS printer "is not ready" -- how to make it ready?

IPP> CUPS printer "is not ready" -- how to make it ready?

IPP> CUPS printer "is not ready" -- how to make it ready?

Martin Schwarzkopf mschwarzkopf at terra.com
Mon Nov 22 02:27:43 EST 2004

Perhaps this is a little long to explain but I need
to do it this way so you can have a complete idea of
my problem.

I am in charge of a 25 PC network at the place I work,
23 PCs have Linux installed as Operating System and
2 of them have Windows XP.  The server is also a Linux
box running an application made in Cobol. All the
Linux boxes have SuSE Linux 9.1.

We have around a dozen matrix printers (Epson FX-890)
connected to some linux stations and a laser printer
(HP LaserJet 1300) connected to one of the windows PCs.

All the PCs connect to the Linux server through a ssh

At the Linux Server, all the printers (Linux and Windows)
are declared as remote raw printers so that the users
can print from the Cobol application.

This server application sends pure text to the remote
printers. At the server, the remote queues are declared
as with CUPS at the Linux PCs and with SMB at the
windows one.

Each Linux workstation printer has 2 queues defined.
One raw queue called "lp" to receive the jobs sent
by the server and one filtered queue for the local
printing (usually jobs from OpenOffice). This queue
is usually named according to the labour of the user
(sales5, credit2, control1, etc)

The laser printer connected to the Windows PC works
fine. ALWAYS. The matrix printers work only perfectly
when the user sends a local print job (OpenOffice,
Mozilla, Gimp, etc). The problem is that when the
server sends a raw print job to the remote queues,
frecuently, the printer status turns to "Printer is
not ready" without any reason. This happens more or
less after 3 or 4 print jobs sent to same remote

Sometimes the queue looks empty, and some others don't.
The strange thing is that the user gets a complete and
normally printed job, but when the printer turns to the
"Printer is not ready" state, even when the report seems
to be finished, sometimes it still appears in the queue.

The only way I found to solve this, was creating a
script to modify the /etc/cups/printers.conf file
to turn it to "Printer IS ready" and to restart the
daemon. (CUPS 1.1). This script checks the queue
every minute.

It doesnt matter if the jobs was still appearing in
the queue, if the printer turned to the "is not ready"
state, it will be printed again when I restart the
daemon!!!  So, if the user is printing numbered
invoices or in a different kind of paper, they waste
resources ans time.

If the report is quite long (3 or more minutes), the
printer queue will turn again into the "not ready"
state before it finishes and the cron daemon will
restart the cups daemon and I that user will have
3 or more copies of the same report.

Can anybody lend me a hand?  We were working with
SuSE 8.0 before and this didn't happen. I have this
problem since the upgrade to 9.1

I think that the "Job Persistence" feature of cups is, in
part, cause of my problem. Do you know how to disable it?
I will appreciate any help anyone can give to me.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Martin Schwarzkopf
mschwarzkopf at terra.com
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