[IPP] media-input-tray-check-default

[IPP] media-input-tray-check-default

[IPP] media-input-tray-check-default

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Tue Jan 24 12:33:47 UTC 2012


I prefer option #2.  One of my reason is that it allows the operator to
set policy for underspecified jobs on the printer.  (If the client is
not being careful, then the printer will.)  It is a very handy feature
in production printing.



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Hi Mike,


For production printing, I have found during my career that it is
critical to have automatic checks and balances within the job submission
workflow so that a very large job (with a significant cost of
production) is not released such that it will be printed on incorrect
media and thus be a total loss (i.e. must be destroyed and cannot be
distributed - job must be run again). The AFP Consortium has the same
type of intelligence in their Intelligent Printer Data Stream
specification as we have in IPP.


I think it is possible that some vendors may have interpreted the
description in the specification to mean that the default value should
refer to the function being enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, it
then interacts with the media in the job ticket I therefore prefer
option #2 to resolve this issue.


Best Regards,




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I am going through yet another round of updates to the IANA registry
(this time for sure! :), and noticed that I still have the
media-input-tray-check-default attribute tagged as "under review". I
would like to resolve this before we submit our next round of updates to
the registry.




PWG 5100.3 (Production Printing Set 1) defines the
media-input-tray-check Job Template attribute thusly:


	The "media-input-tray-check" Job Template attribute indicates
that the Printer MUST check that the characteristics of the media in the
identified input tray are the same as characteristics of the media
identified by the Job's "media" Job Template attribute or matched (see
section 3.13) by the Job's "media- col" Job Template attribute. The
keyword values are the same input tray keyword values as are defined for
the "media" Job Template attribute (see section 6.3 in this document and
[RFC2911] Appendix C), i.e., 'top', 'middle', 'bottom', etc.


	Independent of the "ipp-attributes-fidelity" operation attribute
supplied by the client, if the characteristics differ, the Printer adds
the 'resources-are-not-ready' value (see section 6.1) to the job's
"job-state-reasons" attribute and MAY either (1) put the job into the
'pending-held' state or (2) start to process the job normally, but
immediately stop the job ("job-state" = 'processing-stopped') and the
Printer ("printer-state" = 'stopped'). In either implementation, the
operator can change the media in the input tray to agree with the job or
can modify the job's "media" or "media-col" attributes to agree with the
input tray, depending on policy.


Table 1 (at the beginning of section 3) defines
media-input-tray-check-default and -supported.


The issue is that there should not be a default media-input-tray-check
value; like some other Job Template attributes (e.g. overrides), it does
not make sense to have a default value for this particular attribute
since it interacts with the media in the job ticket.


There are two ways to resolve this issue:


1. Drop media-input-tray-check-default from the registry and post an
errata for 5100.3 removing the media-input-tray-check-default attribute
from Table 1.


2. Update the definition of media-input-tray-check-default to include
the "no-value" out-of-band value.


I prefer option #1.





Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair


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