[IPP] Questions for the stable draft of IPP FaxOut

[IPP] Questions for the stable draft of IPP FaxOut

[IPP] Questions for the stable draft of IPP FaxOut

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Apr 17 16:21:23 UTC 2013


On 2013-04-17, at 4:24 AM, munehisa.matsuda at brother.co.jp wrote:
> Dear all, 
> We have two questions regarding the stable draft of IPP FaxOut.
> 1. Send-Hardcopy-Document:
> Since we cannot imagine the usage, we do not understand why this operation MUST be supported.
> So could you tell us the use case of the Send-Hardcopy-Document operation?
> If this operation is NOT critical for IPP FaxOut, we suggest to change it to be "optional" for implementing easily.

If you have a scan head on your MFP then users will want to be able to fax documents from that scan head.  There are already a lot of mobile applications being provided that serve as alternatives to the printer's own control panel, so this operation would allow those applications to support faxout as well.

And FWIW, the current wording is based on the intended conformance of the Semantic Model FaxOut spec, which makes the operation required.

> 2. destination-statuses:
> We want to clarify which transmission status value should be specified in the "destination-statuses" when a multiple destination job is canceled.
> Details are described below, but we think it is slightly unclear.

I'm happy to clarify the text here.

> "4.1.3 Job Terminating State
> "The terminating state of an IPP FaxOut Job reflects the absolute final disposition of the Job. Jobs in the ‘canceled’ state were canceled by a User using the Cancel-Job, Cancel-Jobs, or Cancel-My-Jobs operations, regardless of whether any or all of the Job has been processed or partially transferred to its destination URI(s). The “destination-statuses” Job Description attribute (section 7.3.1) provides detailed information regarding the progress of the job prior to cancellation."
> For example, the job has 5 destinations.
> The job is canceled when the device is transfering fax document to 3rd destination.
> ...
> job-state: canceled
> destination-statuses:
> 1. completed
> 2. completed
> 3. canceled
> 4. canceled
> 5. canceled
> Which is correct?

The latter.

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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