[IPP] Comments and Idea for paid printing

[IPP] Comments and Idea for paid printing

[IPP] Comments and Idea for paid printing

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Jun 10 21:47:17 UTC 2013


As with the IPP FaxOut, I have unable to review the IPP Paid Printing document until now.

Overall, I was concerned that "Extension for Paid Printing" is being extended through 'finishings" while the concept of "paid-printing" is a business or commerce notion and not a finishing step.  While I need to study the document in more detail; how does the current paid-printing model support a print job where a set of differently priced transform service are needed.  

Having recently reviewed the PrintTalk specification of JDF; this is an interesting model to explore for PWG (independent of just IPP) "paid-prinitng" for several reason.   Instead of modifying/extending JDF, PrintTalk wraps JDF in a business transaction or commerce transaction.   With it's relatively simple set API calls it supports very complex set of operations ranging from Quoting, Notations, etc.; again with out modification to the print job JDF.  PrintTalk can itemize items and provide a quote for each item.  And, finally, PrintTalk is already widely used and deployed.    PWG could create a version of PrintTalk, called IppPrintTalk (or PrintTalkIpp or PrintTalkPwg) by simply replacing JDF with PWG (or IPP) in the existing PrintTalk specification.   Now IPP stays the same while extending an existing "paid printing" API and implementations which could be applied to any PWG model (Cloud?)

Other comments on the specification itself

The attribute "printer-charge-info-uri" is not defined in this document (perhaps somewhere else).  But my concern that a discussion about how a User is associated with a paid (payment) service is out-of-scope.

Section 4.2 PIN/Passcode Printing
Section 4.3 Release Printing
    I believe these sections are out-of-scope for paid-printing since there is not "payment" requirement for these types of printing functionalities.

Section 4.5 Job Review
    I believe this section is out-of-scope for paid-printing.  "Job Review" could be applied to any print scenario and not specific relevance to paid-printing.   In fact, if a User submits a print job for (100,000 copies) and payment is confirmed; then print the 100,000 copies.   

(Mike I assume specification are written to American English notation so 100.000 should be 100,000?)


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