[IPP] Posted new draft of IPP WG Charter (20 August 2013)

[IPP] Posted new draft of IPP WG Charter (20 August 2013)

[IPP] Posted new draft of IPP WG Charter (20 August 2013)

Paul Tykodi ptykodi at tykodi.com
Wed Aug 21 14:50:50 UTC 2013

Hi Ira,


Great job adding all the changes from the last IPP teleconference into the
draft charter - Thanks.


I found the following information on line 79 and I believe some information
may have been lost:

(i.e., profile of a complete Multifunction Device which depends upon p)


What is p?




Best Regards,




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Based on discussions and decisions at our IPP WG teleconference

yesterday, I have posted a new draft of the IPP WG Charter:

ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/wd/wd-ipp-charter-20130820.pdf / doc

- clean version w/ line numbers

<ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/wd/wd-ipp-charter-20130820.pdf>  / doc
- redline version w/ line numbers

Change Log:

(1) Revised title to be a charter of the IPP WG (rather than a project).

(2) Added Smith Kennedy (HP) as IPP editor.

(3) Revised text of Problem Statement and list of current IPP projects.

(4) Revised Out-of-scope to list suspended and abandoned IPP projects.

(5) Revised Objectives to generalize and remove redundant project list.

(6) Revised Milestones dates and list of current IPP projects.




- Ira


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