[IPP] Does IPP Self-Certification Need Job Ticket Tests?

[IPP] Does IPP Self-Certification Need Job Ticket Tests?

[IPP] Does IPP Self-Certification Need Job Ticket Tests?

Paul Tykodi ptykodi at tykodi.com
Thu Oct 24 16:52:25 UTC 2013



I followed up on a question I had about job ticketing and PCLm with a
representative from the Mopria Alliance.


As I understood the Mopria Alliance presentation from Tuesday, the PCLm
format is effectively a streamable PDF format. My job ticket related
question was how did the Mopria Alliance expect a printer consuming the PCLm
data stream to know it should change input tray while the PCLm data stream
was being internally processed?


Their IPP Everywhere based answer was that when a printing device begins to
receive PCLm information coming from a Mopria Alliance client via IPP
Everywhere, the information about input tray changes will be stored in the
IPP job template attributes.


Does this mean we should potentially consider building an IPP
self-certification test that includes IPP override information in the job
template attributes specifying some form of change (example - a different
media size) so that IPP printers can test their ability to read and remember
IPP specified job template attribute overrides for the life of a job?




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