[IPP] Models

[IPP] Models

[IPP] Models

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Jan 9 17:57:25 UTC 2014

I  am unclear on a Semantic Model configuration issue, which also may relate
to IPP multifunction. The Semantic Model assumes that  communication is from
client to service.  But in our operations, we identify the Service (e.g.,
CancelFaxInJob), which should not be necessary if the operation is directed
to the service.  On the other hand, depending  upon where you want to put
the transport address boundary, it is reasonable to think of operations
being directed to the MFD, which corresponds to the System, in which case
the service should be identified. Of course, this is inadequate if there are
multiple services of a given type in the same system. Bottom line, should
operations identify the Service type?


With respect to IPP, should the multi service configuration look like A or B
below? (or perhaps something else entirely?) Again, the modeling question is
whether the service  identification is included in the operation.

IPP Printer A.jpgIPP Printer B.jpg

IPP Multifunction A
IPP Multifunction B



Bill Wagner



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