[IPP] IPP Scan - Is Push scanning mandatory?

[IPP] IPP Scan - Is Push scanning mandatory?

[IPP] IPP Scan - Is Push scanning mandatory?

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Mon Feb 10 20:07:24 UTC 2014


I thought we were requiring pull scan and recommending push scan because low-end devices couldn't retry a push automatically. Any push-related attributes would be conditionally required if the service supports push.  And any retry-related attributes would be conditionally required for services that do output spooling.

On Feb 10, 2014, at 2:59 PM, Zehler, Peter <Peter.Zehler at xerox.com> wrote:

> All,
> I have conflicting notes.  I have some Push scan related attributes marked as conditionally mandatory while Pull and Push scan are listed as required.
> My opinion is that Push and Pull scanning are mandated and therefore the Push related attributes are also mandatory.  For Push scanning the “http”, “https”, “ftp” and  “ftps URI schemes MUST be supported.
> Any objections?
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