[IPP] Toward a "prototype" of the IPP Implementor's Guide v2 - agreeing on the scope

[IPP] Toward a "prototype" of the IPP Implementor's Guide v2 - agreeing on the scope

[IPP] Toward a "prototype" of the IPP Implementor's Guide v2 - agreeing on the scope

Kennedy, Smith (Wireless Architect) smith.kennedy at hp.com
Mon Mar 10 16:39:10 UTC 2014


Following up from our last conference call, in order to bring the IPP Implementor’s Guide v2 to the “Prototype” state, we need to decide on the scope of the IPP Implementor’s Guide v2.

Below is the outline of the document as it currently stands, with separating space between each primary section.  Please reply to comment on its scope to recommend topic addition / change / removal, so we can discuss via email.

Thanks for any feedback!


    Smith Kennedy
    Hewlett-Packard Co.

1. Introduction

2. Terminology
2.1 Conformance Terminology
2.2 Imaging Terminology
2.3 Other Terminology
2.4 Acronyms and Organizations

3. Requirements
3.1 Rationale
3.2 Use Cases
3.2.1 Developer Implementing IPP Client Support
3.2.2 Developer Implementing IPP Support in a New Printer
3.3 Out of Scope
3.4 Design Requirements

4. Tasks and Implementation Alternatives
4.1 Create A Relationship With A Printer
4.1.1 Discover And Select A Printer Via A Discovery Protocol
4.1.2 Select A Printer Via Static DNS Hostname, IPv6 Address Or IPv4 Address
4.2 Validate User Access to Printer
4.3 Get Printer Information and Print Job Options
4.4 Check constraints between presented options
4.5 Submitting a Print Job
4.5.1 Submitting a Job with document data
4.5.2 Submitting a Job with document references
4.5.3 Handling Print Job Creation Errors
4.6 Monitoring print job status
4.7 Canceling a Print Job
4.8 Getting Printer supplies status

5. Using Attributes with IPP Operations
5.1 General Principles
5.1.1 IPP Client Recommendations
5.1.2 IPP Printer Recommendations
5.2 Explicit "document-format" Selection
5.2.1 IPP Client Recommendations
5.2.2 IPP Printer Recommendations
5.3 Prefer "media-col" Attribute To "media" Attribute
5.4 Specifying Finishings With "finishings-col", "finishings" and Others
5.4.1 IPP Client Recommendations
5.4.2 IPP Printer Recommendations
5.5 Controlling Intended Output Using "ipp-attribute-fidelity", "job-mandatory-attributes", and "pdl-override-supported"
5.5.1 IPP Client Recommendations
5.5.2 IPP Printer Recommendations
5.6 Prefer "multiple-document-handling" For Copies Collation
5.7 Prefer Supplying Explicit "orientation-requested" Attribute
5.8 Evaluating Printer Capability Attributes
5.8.1 ipp-features-supported
5.8.2 xxx-supported
5.8.3 xxx-default
5.8.4 xxx-ready
5.8.5 job-creation-attributes-supported
5.8.6 printer-settable-attributes-supported
5.8.7 operations-supported
5.8.8 job-constraints-supported / job-resolvers-supported
5.8.9 media-col-database

6. IPP Object Status Attributes
6.1 Printer Status and Notifications
6.2 Job Status
6.3 Document Status

7. IPP Printer Best Practices
7.1 Resource URIs

8. HTTP Protocol Use
8.1 HTTP/1.1 Update
8.2 HTTP/1.1 Expect Header
8.2.1 HTTP Client
8.2.2 HTTP Server
8.3 "Host" Header Field
8.4 If-Modified-Since, Last-Modified, and 304 Not Modified
8.5 Cache-Control

9. Security Considerations
9.1 Client Security Considerations
9.1.1 HTTP/1.1 Expect Header
9.1.2 HTTP Upgrade (RFC 2817)
9.1.3 IPP Operations Used To Detect Authentication or Encryption
9.1.4 Using the "ipps:" URI Scheme
9.1.5 Document Encryption
9.2 Server Security Considerations
9.2.1 HTTP/1.1 Expect Header
9.2.2 Support for HTTP Upgrade (RFC 2817)
9.2.3 Support For The "ipps:" URI Scheme
9.2.4 Document Encryption

10. Important Implementation Options
10.1 Using "xxx-actual" attribute
10.2 Using “preferred-attributes” attribute

11. Internationalization Considerations
11.1 Client Considerations
11.2 Server Considerations

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