[IPP] Are these attributes what were agreed to for IPP Scan?

[IPP] Are these attributes what were agreed to for IPP Scan?

[IPP] Are these attributes what were agreed to for IPP Scan?

Soma Meiyappan Soma.Meiyappan at conexant.com
Wed Apr 9 04:13:23 UTC 2014


May I know how PWG solves supporting IPP destinations (and other HTTP destinations) that need authentication when used as a destination in FaxOut/Scan2 defined workflows?

Are authentication information for URIs under destination-uri-ready  (implicitly) managed by the MFD as it appears that the specification does not provide any destination specific attributes in the destination-uri collection to provide authentication credentials? Or should authentication information be provided in the URI as it is done for some http URI allows like http://user:passwd@mystoragedrive.com/folder? If so, I would wonder about IPP destinations and ipp/ipps URIs.

Please see the attached email that I had sent earlier on the topic.

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My only beef with the proposed additions are the "destination-attribute-collection" attributes.

We should just include Job Template attributes directly in the destination-uris and destination-uri-ready collections. Thus, it would just be:

        [any Job Template attribute]

        [any Job Template attribute]

This would be consistent with how other attributes (job-sheets-col, covers, etc.) deal with embedding Job Template attributes in collection attributes.

If you really want to put the Job Template attributes in their own collection, call it "destination-attributes"; we never use "collection" spelled out in the name, and generally only add -col if there is already a non-collection form of the attribute (e.g. media and media-col, finishings and finishings-col, etc.)

On Apr 8, 2014, at 3:07 PM, Zehler, Peter <Peter.Zehler at xerox.com<mailto:Peter.Zehler at xerox.com>> wrote:

Before I put out the Stable version of the IPP Scan specification I wanted to check with you regarding the addition of the attributes below.  Let me know if it does not capture what we agreed to at the IPP teleconference.  I plan to publish it on Thursday.

Peter Zehler

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Added the following new member element to the Job Template Attribute "destination-uris"  destination-attribute-collection (1setOf collection)

This OPTIONAL attribute allows the client to specify attributes to be applied to the method implied by the "destination".  For example if the destination uri scheme is "ipp://" this attribute would contain Operation and Job Template Attributes to be used in the creation of the IPP Print Job.

Added the following new IPP Scan Service Description Attribute

8.4.2        destination-uri-ready  (1setOf collection)

The OPTIONAL "destination-uri-ready" IPP Scan Service attribute lists the configured destinations.  This does not limit the destinations that a user may specify.  It is a list of administratively set destinations to assist the user in selecting an appropriate destination. IPP Scan Services that support Push Scan MAY support this attribute.  destination-info (text(MAX))

The OPTIONAL "destination-info" member attribute provides a human readable description of the destination.  destination-is-directory (boolean)

  The OPTIONAL "destination-is-directory" member attribute indicates if the destination is a folder that can contain multiple files.  The default value if this attribute is not included is 'false'.  destination-name (name(MAX))

The OPTIONAL "destination-name" member attribute provides a human readable user friendly name for the destination.  destination-uri (uri)

The REQUIRED "destination-uri" member attribute specifies the destination.  destination-attribute-collection (1setOf collection)

This OPTIONAL "destination-attribute-collection" member attribute allows the administrator to specify attributes to be applied to the "destination-attribute-collection" Job Template Attribute (See section

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