[IPP] WG Last Call of IPP Scan Service specification

[IPP] WG Last Call of IPP Scan Service specification

[IPP] WG Last Call of IPP Scan Service specification

Soma Meiyappan Soma.Meiyappan at conexant.com
Wed May 14 02:34:07 UTC 2014

Hi Pete et al,

I have a concern about



These attributes figure in the REQUIRED table in section 4.3. The above attributes require the scan device to have a notion of wall clock time (whether it is accurate or not to the global wall clock time). To increase the chances of making use of that effectively & correctly, all clients would be required to use this somehow in reference to printer-current-time and not to the wall-clock time that the client might know through other sources. That makes me wonder if it is sufficient to have printer-state-change-time and printer-config-change-time as required and make xxxx-date-time as optional.

I have a similar question on FaxOut; but at least on FaxOut, the devices are expected to have a notion of wall-clock time although the point about how clients should use that information with reference to printer-current-time still seems applicable.


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This message initiates the IPP Working Group last call of the IPP Scan Service specification updated per prototype experience and subsequent discussions.


Please send all feedback to the IPP mailing list (reply-all works fine for this) and it will be collected and processed as quickly as possible.
Our intent is to move IPP Scan Service to PWG Formal Vote before the August 2014 F2F.

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