[IPP] IPP Finishings 2.0: "finishings-col-database"

[IPP] IPP Finishings 2.0: "finishings-col-database"

[IPP] IPP Finishings 2.0: "finishings-col-database"

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Jun 18 15:21:17 UTC 2014


My prototype experience shows that "pre-composed" finishing operations selected using the finishing-template member attribute are the most important/useful for non-expert UI.

Since finishings-col-ready is defined to list only those finishing operations that are available at any given time, I would like to propose adding a "finishings-col-database" attribute that holds all of the named finishing operations that are configured on a given Printer - this would provide a necessary vendor and site configuration attribute, with the finishings-col-ready attribute reflecting which finishing operations are possible based on the current subunit state.

Your comments are appreciated!


The added text is:

6.9 finishings-col-database (1setOf collection)

The RECOMMENDED "finishings-col-database" Printer attribute lists the "finishings-col" member attributes corresponding to each "finishing-template" value. For example, a Printer that supports the 'staple' value might report:


The same values SHOULD be reported in the "finishings-col-ready" Printer attribute for each finisher sub-unit that is available.

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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