[IPP] RFC: printer-finisher attribute

[IPP] RFC: printer-finisher attribute

[IPP] RFC: printer-finisher attribute

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Jun 20 19:09:09 UTC 2014


On Jun 20, 2014, at 2:59 PM, Ira McDonald <blueroofmusic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> I like this "printer-finisher" proposal for exposing the Finisher MIB info.
> A few comments:
> (1) TYPO - Section 6.15.3 in title and second example says "printer-input-tray"

Oops, will fix that on the next pass... :/

> (2) TECHNICAL - Section 16.5 should also reference finDeviceAttributeTable
> and later sections should reference a (flattened) "finisher-detail" member that
> is a simple key/value mapping for all defined finisher-specific attributes, e.g.,
> - general: deviceModel, finReferenceEdge, numberOfPositions, etc.
> - subunit types: stitching (staple,stitch,saddle,dual), folding, binding, etc.
> - subunit details for stitching and punching

I'd actually like to defer these - the finishing intent attributes (finishings-supported, finishings-col-database/ready, etc.) already expose most of this information in a way that can be used by the Client.  The only information we didn't have a way to get via IPP was the capacity of the finisher subunits - how many sheets can be stapled, etc.

Longer term (probably in System Control) we can expose things like deviceModel for use by management applications.  But anything regarding capabilities should already be exposed by the new finishings-col stuff (and if not then we should add it there and not using the octetString key/value syntax).

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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