[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (21 July 2014)

[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (21 July 2014)

[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (21 July 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 19:36:21 UTC 2014


*Our next special SM WG call for JDFMAP will be Monday 28 July.*

I completed updated the mapping in the JDFMAP spec per Rainer
Prosi's comments during our special SM WG call today and Mike
Sweet's mapping for FinishingsCol (from IPP WG call on 16 June).

I have just posted a new draft of JDFMAP:

  - PDF of revisions with line numbers

  - MS Word source of revisions with line numbers

Rainer - *please* ONLY do updates with "Track Changes" enabled
*the MS Word source* (with a changed date suffix in filename and
cover page) but not in the PDF, and send to Rick & Ira - thank you!

Mike - I added all the FinishingsCol mappings with several comments
- we should decide on the XxxColor proposed member attributes for
Coating and Laminating in the PWG Finishings 2.0 spec.

This document is for review in regular/special SM WG telecons.

- Ira

Change History

21 July 2014 – JDFMAP update by SM WG and Rainer Prosi

* July 2014 – fifth draft in SM WG
- Kept status as Interim draft
- Continued review of mapping table – stopped at JobSheetsCol
- Reviewed and deleted comments as appropriate (when
processed in mappings)
- Capitalized and enclosed in square brackets “[Input]” and
“[Output]” in mapping table per Rainer
- Skipped over review of FinishingsCol mappings (from Mike
Sweet) – to be reviewed with Rainer in the future
- Added all FinishingsCol mappings (from Mike Sweet) – per IPP
WG review on 06/16/14
- Resume next review at Media in mapping table
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