[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (29 July 2014)

[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (29 July 2014)

[IPP] Posted Mapping of JDF to PJT (29 July 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 16:18:48 UTC 2014


*Our next special SM WG call for JDFMAP will be Monday 25 August (formerly
scheduled for 18 August).Note:  Review during August PWG F2F is canceled
(due to*

*Rainer's lack of availability).*

I completed updated the mapping in the JDFMAP spec per Rainer
Prosi's comments during our special SM WG call yesterday.

I have just posted a new draft of JDFMAP:

  - PDF of revisions with line numbers

  - MS Word source of revisions with line numbers

Rainer - *please* ONLY do updates with "Track Changes" enabled
*the MS Word source* (with a changed date suffix in filename and
cover page) but not in the PDF, and send to Rick & Ira - thank you!

This document is for review in future special SM WG telecons.

- Ira

Change History

29 July 2014 – JDFMAP update by SM WG and Rainer Prosi

* July 2014 – sixth draft in SM WG
- Kept status as Interim draft
- Continued review of mapping table – stopped at OutputDevice
- Reviewed and deleted comments as appropriate (when processed in mappings)
- Reviewed and accepted all changes up to OutputDevice (except for
Finishings – see below)
- Skipped over review of FinishingsCol mappings (from Mike Sweet) with IPP
WG review updates from 06/16/14 – to be reviewed with Rainer in the future
- Resume next review at Overrides in mapping table
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