[IPP] Proposed IETF URI Scheme Registration as BCP

[IPP] Proposed IETF URI Scheme Registration as BCP

[IPP] Proposed IETF URI Scheme Registration as BCP

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 14:12:26 UTC 2014


If we're lucky, the IPPS URI Scheme will get IETF reviewed and moved
into the RFC Editor's queue quickly enough that it won't have to be largely
rewritten to use this new "improved" URI scheme registration template.

- Ira

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Date: Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 6:34 AM
Subject: [apps-discuss] Publication has been requested for
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Cc: draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-scheme-reg.all at tools.ietf.org,
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Alexey Melnikov has requested publication of
draft-ietf-appsawg-uri-scheme-reg-04 as Best Current Practice on behalf of
the APPSAWG working group.

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