[IPP] IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification Prototype Experience

[IPP] IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification Prototype Experience

[IPP] IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification Prototype Experience

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Jan 14 19:36:28 UTC 2015


Thanks, this looks like a bug in ipptool. Filed CUPS STR #4563 to track a fix:


> On Jan 12, 2015, at 6:10 PM, Rodriguez, Eren <eren.rodriguez at hp.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been playing with the IPP Everywhere Printer Self-Certification test suite and I would like to challenge another failure seen with our IPP printers at HP.
> I apologize if these experience reports seem staggered, but I needed to investigate this issue further before reporting them as possible test error.
> More specifically, inside ipp-tests.test, there are test cases around printer-resident URIs and their hostname expectations.
> I-9. Get-Printer-Attributes Operation (default)                      [FAIL]
>         RECEIVED: 12508 bytes in response
>         status-code = successful-ok (successful-ok)
>         EXPECTED: printer-icons WITH-ALL-VALUES "HP6451060F1496.local."
>         GOT: printer-icons="http://HP6451060F1496.local/webApps/images/printer-small.png <http://hp6451060f1496.local/webApps/images/printer-small.png>"
>         GOT: printer-icons="http://HP6451060F1496.local/webApps/images/printer.png <http://hp6451060f1496.local/webApps/images/printer.png>"
>         GOT: printer-icons="http://HP6451060F1496.local/webApps/images/printer-large.png <http://hp6451060f1496.local/webApps/images/printer-large.png>"
>         EXPECTED: printer-supply-info-uri WITH-VALUE "HP6451060F1496.local."
>         GOT: printer-supply-info-uri=http://HP6451060F1496.local/#hId-pgInkConsumables <http://hp6451060f1496.local/#hId-pgInkConsumables>
> According to the IPP Everywhere specification, Section 8.4, “Printers SHOULD use the HTTP Host: header value when generating URIs for use in Client responses.”
> Internally, we have captured a WireShark trace while running the tests and noticed that none of the incoming HTTP/IPP packets included the ‘.’ at the end. This is why our responses never included it either. See attached screenshot for more details.
> Mike, Ira, if you want to see the actual .pcap file, I can send it to you privately.
> Thank you in advance,
> Eren Rodriguez @ HP inkjet
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