[IPP] Finishings 2.0 and "trimming-offset" / "trimming-offset-supported"?

[IPP] Finishings 2.0 and "trimming-offset" / "trimming-offset-supported"?

[IPP] Finishings 2.0 and "trimming-offset" / "trimming-offset-supported"?

Kennedy, Smith (Wireless Architect) smith.kennedy at hp.com
Thu Apr 2 03:54:08 UTC 2015


In Finishings 2.0, I’ve been puzzling over the “trimming-offset” / “trimming-offset-supported” attribute definitions and their respective type declarations.  I see this on page 38: trimming-offset (1setOf integer(0:MAX))

but on page 49 in the IANA registrations and on the IANA ipp-registrations page, I find:

  trimming-offset (integer(0:MAX))    [PWG5100.1]

I am assuming from the attribute definition that (integer (0:MAX) ) is the correct one?  If a Printer supported a set of values like “0,3-5, 8-15, 22”,  for “trimming-offset-supported”, then the definition of “trimming-offset-supported” on page 47 seems reasonable:

   6.26 trimming-offset-supported (1setOf (integer(0:MAX) | rangeOfInteger(0:MAX)))

Was this attribute definition’s type declaration done in this way to allow just such a range of values to be expressed?  Or is there something wrong with this type declaration as well?

Are there any others that don’t match?  (I didn’t check myself beyond these attributes.)


    Smith Kennedy
    Hewlett-Packard Co.

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