[IPP] Posted LDAP Printer Schema (19 April 2015)

[IPP] Posted LDAP Printer Schema (19 April 2015)

[IPP] Posted LDAP Printer Schema (19 April 2015)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 22:22:52 UTC 2015


I've just posted a new draft of LDAP Schema for Printer Services to:

 - plaintext Internet-Draft format (warning - contains explicit formfeed

 - line numbered PDF of plaintext - use this version for review, please

This document *has been* submitted to the IETF I-D repository.

This document was created by revising the original LDAP Schema for
Printer Services [RFC3712].

This version was based on LDAP Designated Expert during final IANA
review of the *previous* draft-11 spec that I've just received.  This is
expected to be the final version before publication as an RFC.

- Ira


Change History

   19 April 2015 - draft-mcdonald-ldap-printer-schema-12.txt

   Editorial - revised section 7.1 Registration of Attribute Types to
   correct title of registration, per advice of Rolf Sonneveld on 16
   April 2015 during IANA review by LDAP Designated Experts.
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