[IPP] IPP Deprecation Request for RFC 3381 Attributes

[IPP] IPP Deprecation Request for RFC 3381 Attributes

[IPP] IPP Deprecation Request for RFC 3381 Attributes

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Tue May 5 13:20:10 UTC 2015


This is a formal request to deprecate all of the attributes defined in RFC 3381: Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Job Progress Attributes.  This request is made in conformance with the IPP Registry Policy at:


RFC 3381 defines the "sheet-collate" Job Template attribute, which does not interact well with the "finishings" and "multiple-document-handling" attributes, and several progress monitoring attributes that depend on the value of this attribute.

The following is the registry template to deprecate the attributes.  We will work separately with the IETF to change the status of RFC 3381.

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Job Status attributes:                                           Reference
---------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------
impressions-completed-current-copy(deprecated) (integer(0:MAX))  [APPLE20150505-1]
job-collation-type(deprecated) (type2 enum)                      [APPLE20150505-1]
sheet-collate-actual(deprecated) (type2 keyword)                 [APPLE20150505-1]
sheet-completed-copy-number(deprecated) (integer(0:MAX))         [APPLE20150505-1]
sheet-completed-document-number(deprecated) (integer(0:MAX))     [APPLE20150505-1]

Job Template attributes:                                         Reference
---------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------
sheet-collate(deprecated) (type2 keyword)                        [APPLE20150505-1]

Printer Description attributes:                                  Reference
---------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------
sheet-collate-default(deprecated) (type2 keyword)                [APPLE20150505-1]
sheet-collate-supported(deprecated) (1setOf type2 keyword)       [APPLE20150505-1]

Attributes (attribute syntax)
  Keyword Attribute Value           Reference
  --------------------------------  ---------
sheet-collate (type2 keyword)       [RFC3381]
  'uncollated'(deprecated)          [APPLE20150505-1]
  'collated'(deprecated)            [APPLE20150505-1]

Attributes (attribute syntax)
  Enum Value  Enum Symbolic Name                  Reference
  ----------  ----------------------------------  -----------------
job-collation-type (type2 enum)                   [RFC3381]
  '1'         'other'(deprecated)                 [APPLE20150505-1]                                 
  '2'         'unknown'(deprecated)               [APPLE20150505-1]                                
  '3'         'uncollated-sheets'(deprecated)     [APPLE20150505-1]
  '4'         'collated-documents'(deprecated)    [APPLE20150505-1]
  '5'         'uncollated-documents'(deprecated)  [APPLE20150505-1]                  

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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