[IPP] Question on ICC profiles.

[IPP] Question on ICC profiles.

[IPP] Question on ICC profiles.

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Sat Aug 1 03:12:58 UTC 2015

At one of our last PWG-IPP meetings, we discussed printer-icc-profiles, and how a particular icc profile can be picked up at the printer.

Based on the spec,
"5.6.30 printer-icc-profiles (1setOf collection) The RECOMMENDED "printer-icc-profiles" Printer attribute lists one or more ICC profiles that characterize the Printer or its rendering. Each collection value consists of "profile-name (name(MAX))" and "profile-uri (uri)" member attributes plus any Job Template attributes (as member attributes) that contribute to the selection of the profile."

relevant JT attributes sent from the Client match those on the Printer Description attribute and a certain icc profile will get selected.

We also discussed that it is not recommended to use/send a particular icc profile (the client selecting one of the printer-icc-profiles provided in the Get-Printer-Attributes response) in a Print-Job or Create-Job. Can you explain why this is not recommended, but rather have a workflow wherein when the printer receives a certain JT attribute (say media-type), that particular attribute is used to look for another attribute (such as printer-icc-profile)?

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