[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (18 October 2015)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (18 October 2015)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (18 October 2015)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 00:22:01 UTC 2015


I have just posted another Interim draft of IPP System Service for
review during the IPP WG call tomorrow:

  - PDF with line numbers and redlines

  - MS Word source with line numbers and redlines

This draft contains all of the proposed changes from the IPP WG
review on 5 October 2015.

- Ira

Change History:

18 October 2015

- Interim draft – changes per IPP WG reviews on 5 October 2015

- global - accepted all changes up to and through section 6.9 (from
previous review)

- revised section 7.1 title to “System, Printer, and Resource Operation
Attributes” to allow for Printer operation attributes in future such as
“printer-service-type” for Create-Printer

- revised sections 7.1.x to change “filters the set of Printers” to
“specifies a filter for the applicable Printers”

- added section 7.1.3 printer-service-type for Create-Printer operation

- revised section 7.1.4 printer-service-types to change “Service Type
attribute” to “Service Type element”, add forward reference to
“printer-service-type” in section 7.5 Printer Status Attributes, and add
emailin, emailout, and faxin (references to PWG 5108.01 and RFC 2707)

- revised section 7.1.5 resource-id to add forward reference to
“resource-id” in section 7.7 Resource Status Attributes

- revised section 7.1.11 system-uri to change “attribute the target” to
“attribute specifies the target”

- revised section 7.1.12 which-printers to change "This attribute and is"
to “This attribute is” (drop “and”)

- revised section 14 References to accept all changes and add PWG Job
Monitoring MIB (RFC 2707)
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