[IPP] Registration template for "jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)"

[IPP] Registration template for "jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)"

[IPP] Registration template for "jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)"

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Wed Oct 21 11:56:21 UTC 2015


Apple would like to register a new "jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)" attribute for the purpose of describing the optional features that a Printer supports in the JPEG file interchange format (JFIF, image/jpeg MIME media type). The following keyword values will initially be registered:

- 'none': The Printer only supports the baseline JFIF format; this keyword only appears by itself.
- 'arithmetic': The Printer supports arithmetic encoding.
- 'cmyk': The Printer supports CMYK images.
- 'deep': The Printer supports more than 8 bits per component.
- 'icc': The Printer supports embedded ICC profiles.
- 'lossless': The Printer supports lossless JPEG encoding.
- 'progressive': The Printer supports progressive encoding.

The primary purpose of this attribute is to allow the Client to determine whether a JPEG file can be printed directly or must be converted to an alternate form (e.g. PWG Raster) prior to printing.  Because of the way many printers process JPEG files, some features (ICC and CMYK support in particular) are silently ignored if not supported, leading to incorrect output (otherwise we could look for a document-format error and retry...)


Printer Description attributes:					Reference
------------------------------					---------
jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)			[APPLE20151021]

Attributes (attribute syntax)
  Keyword Attribute Value					Reference
  -----------------------					---------
jpeg-features-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)			[APPLE20151021]
  arithmetic				 			[APPLE20151021]
  cmyk				 				[APPLE20151021]
  deep				 				[APPLE20151021]
  icc				 				[APPLE20151021]
  lossless				 			[APPLE20151021]
  none				 				[APPLE20151021]
  progressive				 			[APPLE20151021]

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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