[IPP] First draft of IPP Finishings 2.1 available for review

[IPP] First draft of IPP Finishings 2.1 available for review

[IPP] First draft of IPP Finishings 2.1 available for review

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Thu Apr 14 20:32:27 UTC 2016


> On Apr 14, 2016, at 4:06 PM, wamwagner at comcast.net wrote:
> Hi Smith,
> My notes indicated that EcoStaple (perhaps as “crimp”) and Engineering Z Fold values would be  included in Finishings 2.1, but I do not see them. Am I just missing tem or was there a change of approach?

Yes, I think these should be in there but currently are not.

The changes that are needed are:

1. Figure 1: Add 'fold-engineering-z' (I owe you this one Smith)

2. New Section 5.1.x PWG 5100.1-YYYY "finishings Values"

   - New "finishings" enum value 101 with keyword name 'fold-engineering-z'
   - "Fold the hardcopy output vertically into three sections, forming a Z but leaving room for binding, punching, or stapling along the top edge."

3. Section “folding” Examples

   folding = { folding-direction=’inward’ folding-offset=11593
               folding-reference-edge=’top’ },
             { folding-direction=’outward’ folding-offset=20646
               folding-reference-edge=’top’ }

4. New Section stitching-type (type2 keyword)

   The "stitching-type" member attribute specifies the type of stitching to use. The following values are defined by this specification:

       'auto': Automatically choose a stitching type based on the Set being finished.
       'crimp': Crimp the Set together.
       'wire': Use wire staples.

5. New Section 6.x stitching-type-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)

   The "stitching-type-supported" Printer attribute lists the supported values for the "stitching-type" (section member attribute.

Note: JDF has a "stitching type" with values "corner", "saddle", and "side".  Perhaps we should use the name "stitching-kind" instead to avoid confusion (since JDF doesn't currently support crimping/eco-staples)???

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer

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