[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (1 November 2016)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (1 November 2016)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (1 November 2016)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 23:56:47 UTC 2016


I have just posted another Interim draft of IPP System Service for
review during the IPP WG call this week and Virtual PWG F2F:

  - PDF with line numbers and redlines

  - MS Word source with line numbers and redlines

Summary:  All pending edits from 19 October 2016 discussion.

- Ira

Change History:

1 November 2016

- Interim draft – changes per IPP WG discussion on 19 October 2016
- revised prologue to add List of Figures
- revised section 4.6 Resource Object and section 5.7 Resource Status
Attributes to add forward references to Figure 1 in section 7.7.8
resource-state for Resource life cycle
- revised section 7.1 IPP Operation Attributes, section 7.3 System Status
Attributes, and section 7.7 Resource Status Attributes to accept previously
deleted sections for readability
- revised section 7.7.8 resource-state to add Figure 1 IPP Resource Object
Life Cycle
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