[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (29 November 2016)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (29 November 2016)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (29 November 2016)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 23:24:08 UTC 2016


I have just posted another Interim draft of IPP System Service for
review during the IPP WG call this week:

  - PDF with line numbers and redlines

  - MS Word source with line numbers and redlines

Summary:  All pending edits from 15 November 2016 Virtual F2F.

- Ira

Change History:

29 November 2016
- Interim draft – changes per IPP WG at Virtual F2F on 15 November 2016
- global – accepted all changes per complete review at Virtual F2F
- global – changed “but not included in the Resource object” to “but not
included in the original Resource object” for clarity
- global – searched for all instances of "specifies a/the list of" and made
sure the list is the correct items
- global – searched for all instances of “type 2” and changed to “type2”
(without space)
- revised section 4.2 Subunit Object to clarify that System Service spec
does NOT define any explicit System object attributes for access to Subunit
objects and instead existing Printer object attributes (e.g.,
“printer-input-tray” from PWG 5100.13) can be used.
- revised section 4.6 Resource Object to state that Resources are
persistent until they are explicitly canceled by an Administrator or
aborted by the System, discuss “resource-use-count”, and discuss deferred
cancelation of busy resources with ‘cancel-requested’ added to
- revised section 4.6 Resource Object to add section 4.6.1 Resource History
- revised section 4.6 Resource Object and section 7.7.12 resource-type to
state that IPP System Service implementations SHOULD support System-scope
executable resources (e.g., for firmware update) and MAY support
Printer-scope and/or Job-scope executable resources in an
implementation-defined manner
- revised section 5.2 System Description Attributes and Table 1 to add
- revised section 5.6 Resource Description Attributes and section 6.2.2
Create-Resource to add notes about Job-scope Resources (allocated via
“resource-ids” operation attribute)
- revised section 5.7 Resource Status Attributes and Table 5 to add
- revised section Get-Printers Request text on
“requested-attributes” to say that Clients SHOULD only supply and Systems
MUST only support Printer attributes listed as Printer source attributes in
the table in section 4 of IETF LDAP Schema for Printer Services [RFC7612]
- revised section Get-Printer-Attributes Request to say Clients
MUST supply “system-uri” or “printer-uri” and Systems MUST support both
“system-uri” and “printer-uri” operation attributes
- revised section 6.2.1 Cancel-Resource to move Resource History paragraph
up to section 4.6 Resource Object and add backward reference to section 4.6
- revised section 6.2.2 Create-Resource to support optional creation of one
or more per-Resource Subcription objects with request and response
Subscription Attributes groups
- revised section 6.2.2 Create-Resource to change “Resource for use” to
just “Resource”, change “will change” to “will either change”, delete
redundant “keep “resource” state of ‘available’ clause, and Job-scope
Resource note
- revised section 6.2.5 Install-Resource and section 6.2.6
Send-Resource-Data to add notes about need for validation of Resource
- revised section 6.2.7 Set-Resource-Attributes to remove discussion of
aborting Resources due to bad Set-Resource-Attributes request
- revised section 7.1.2 printer-ids to drop references to Create-Resource
and add
“list of “printer-id” values for target…”
- revised section 7.1.9 resource-ids to add reference to
Allocate-Printer-Resources and add “list of “resource-id” values for
- added section 7.2.11 printer-creation-attributes-supported for
capabilities in Create-Printer operation
- revised section 7.2.12 resource-settable-attributes-supported to change
“type 2” to “type2”
- revised section 7.2.19 system-mandatory-printer-attributes to add analogy
to “printer-mandatory-job-attributes”, reword conformance for
‘printer-name’ and ‘printer-xri-supported’ values, rename Table 9 to
Recommended-to-Supply Printer Creation Attributes, and delete redundant
Conformance column and Notes below
- revised section 7.5.3 printer-service-type to change “SMI number
registered by IANA” to “SMI number assigned by IANA”
- revised section 7.7.1 date-time-at-canceled and section 7.7.16
time-at-canceled to change “before “resource-state” actually transitions to
‘canceled’” to “the Resource transitions to the ‘canceled’ or ‘aborted’
- revised section 7.7.3 date-time-at-installed and section 7.7.18
time-at-installed to change “before “resource-state” actually transitions
to ‘installed’” to “before the Resource transitions to the ‘installed’
- revised section 7.7.8 resource-state to crop Note 1 from figure and add
Note 1 and new Note 2 about special state transitions when a new executable
Resource is installed and *replaces* a previous executable Resource (which
transitions backwards to ‘available’)
- revised section 7.7.8 resource-state, section 7.7.9
resource-state-message, and section 7.7.10 resource-state-reasons to
correct the analogy to Job state/message/reasons (from previous Printer
- added section 7.7.13 resource-use-count for Resource allocation count
- revised section 14.1 Normative References to update references to
[PWG5100.FIN] and [PWG5100.P3D]
- TODO – add status-code text to section 6 preamble and to all operations
in sections 6.x
- TODO – add back explicit full parms for every operation in section 6 per
PWG F2F review
- TODO – fix all the broken section 6.x references from the reorganization
of section 6
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