[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (12 February 2017)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (12 February 2017)

[IPP] Posted IPP System Service (12 February 2017)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 00:18:26 UTC 2017


I have just posted another Interim draft of IPP System Service for
review during the PWG F2F this week:

  - PDF with line numbers and redlines

  - MS Word source with line numbers and redlines

Summary:  All pending edits from 11 January 2017 and 25 January 2017
 IPP WG reviews.

- Ira

Change History:
12 February 2017

- Interim draft – changes per IPP WG reviews on 11 and 25 January 2017
- global – accepted all changes per complete review at last two IPP WG calls
- global – verified that the “If accepted, the System MUST…” conditional
was present in all operation definitions (it was)
- global – revised Printer and Job object attribute notes and several
operation descriptions to clarify that the Client *optionally* supplies
“resource-ids” for Create-Printer or Job Creation operations for assignment
of necessary resources in “printer-resource-ids” or “job-resource-ids”
status attributes
- revised section 5.2 System Description Attributes Table 1 note 10 about
“resource-format-supported” to change reference to Create-Resource (no
longer used) to Send-Resource-Data
- revised section Create-Resource Response to change
“resource-format” to “resource-format-accepted” (for subsequent
- revised section 6.2.6 Send-Resource-Data to remove stray “0” from
“REQUIRED” in first sentence and add missing single quotes around ‘pending’
in third paragraph
- revised section 6.3.1 Create-Resource-Subscriptions to change “Systems”
to “System”
- revised section Create-System-Subscriptions Request and section Create-System-Subscriptions Response to change
“Create-Resource-Subscriptions” to “Create-System-Subscriptions”
- revised section 6.4.1 Disable-All-Printers and section 6.4.2
Enable-All-Printers to replace sentence about changing System state with
“does not change the System state”
- revised section Enable-All-Printers Request to move
“successful-ok” sentence up to first paragraph of section 6.4.2
- revised section 6.4.5 Pause-All-Printers to change to say the System
becomes ‘stopped’ only “if all configured Printers have moved to the
'stopped' state”
- revised section 6.4.9 Resume-All-Printers to add qualification about
adding the (new) ‘resuming’ value to “printer-state-reasons” (if there was
another reason for the Printer to remain in the ‘stopped’ state)
- revised section 6.4.11 Shutdown-All-Printers to say that the System MAY
change to the ‘stopped’ state if all configured Printers have completed
shutdown and moved to the ‘stopped’ state and that only Printers not
*already* shutdown will be affected (i.e., redundant shutdown will be
- revised section 6.4.12 Startup-All-Printers to clarify that it will
startup *or restart* (for started Printers) all configured Printers
- revised section Startup-All-Printers Response (prototype for
future attributes cut-and-paste to many other operations) to add Groups
2-N: Printer Attributes returning “printer-id”, “printer-uuid”,
“printer-xri-supported”, “printer-state”, and “printer-state-reasons” (same
as Create-Printer response)
- revised section 7.1.7 resource-format to change to single valued (for
Send-Resource-Data and filter in Get-Resources)
- added section 7.1.8 resource-format-accepted for multi-valued response to
- revised section 7.1.12 resource-signature to change “request override an”
to “request override of an” and “Secuity” to “Security” (typos)
- revised section 7.2.12 resource-format-supported to delete reference to
Create-Resource request (now only specified in Send-Resource-Data request)
- added section 9.2 printer-state-reasons (1setOf type2 keyword) for new
‘resuming’ value (and probably others?)
- revised section 12.5 Digital Signature Validation to clarify that (notes)
that post-Install revalidation of digital signatures might be useful for
auditing and malicious software scans, but such activities are outside the
scope of this specification
- revised section 14.1 Normative References and section 14.2 Informative
References to move digital signature validation references to informative
- TODO - expand all request/response sections in section 6 to list all
attributes (and not just a reference to Startup-All-Printers)
- TODO – add status-code text to section 6 preamble and to all operations
in sections 6.x
- TODO – fix all the broken section 6.x references from the reorganization
of section 6
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