[IPP] Some feedback on IPP System Service

[IPP] Some feedback on IPP System Service

[IPP] Some feedback on IPP System Service

Michael Sweet msweet at apple.com
Fri Jun 9 20:36:40 UTC 2017


I spent some time today assembling the IANA considerations for this spec and have some feedback for discussion:

- All of the printer-id/ids attributes have a range of 1:MAX, but the originally proposed limits were 1:65535 since the discovery protocols printer-id is getting used with can only provide 16 bits of information.  We should either a) change the range of supported values to 1:65535 or b) clearly document these limits (like we have for printer-device-id and other attributes that sometimes exceed the range supported by particular protocols/interfaces) so that implementors can plan accordingly.  (I am somewhat in favor of approach B since there are some existing IPP solutions that support more than 64k of print queues...)

- "requesting-user-vcard (1setOf text(1023))" and "system-device-id (text(1023))" can just be MAX (MAX = 1023 for text values) or have no limit specified at all.

- "printer-creation-attributes-supported", "resource-settable-attributes-supported", "system-mandatory-attributes-supported", and "system-settable-attributes-supported" should all be "1setOf keyword" (no type2) since we don't register values for these kinds of keyword attributes (which refer to registered or vendor-extension attribute names).

- The "system-configured-resources" collection does not include "resource-state-reasons", which would seem to be important.

- The "ipp-features-supported" attribute should be added to the System Description attributes.

- Why is the "system-state-message" attribute a 1setOf?

Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer

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