[IPP] Printing a PCLm file using ipptool.

[IPP] Printing a PCLm file using ipptool.

[IPP] Printing a PCLm file using ipptool.

Sahil Arora sahilarora.535 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 20:21:12 UTC 2017

I am trying to test printing a PCLm file to a Wifi-direct IPP enabled
printer. PCLm is a subset of PDF and is supported by Wifi-direct printer. I
typed this command for printing:

*ipptool -tv ipp://HP6960... print-job.test*
The *print-job.test *file has this contents:

Here is the response I get when I run the job:

        attributes-charset (charset) = utf-8
        attributes-natural-language (naturalLanguage) = en
        printer-uri (uri) = ipp://HP30E171C3B82D.local:631/ipp/print
        requesting-user-name (nameWithoutLanguage) = sahil
        document-format (mimeMediaType) = application/PCLm
        copies (integer) = 1
   * Print file using Print-Job
        RECEIVED: 228 bytes in response
        *status-code = client-error-document-format-error
        attributes-charset (charset) = utf-8
        attributes-natural-language (naturalLanguage) = en
        job-uri (uri) = ipp://HP30E171C3B82D.local/ipp/print/job-0006
        job-id (integer) = 6
        job-state (enum) = processing
        *job-state-reasons (keyword) = document-format-error*
        job-state-message (textWithoutLanguage) =

*EXPECTED: STATUS successful-ok (got
client-error-document-format-error)        EXPECTED: STATUS
successful-ok-ignored-or-substituted-attributes (got
client-error-document-format-error)   *
It says that the job failed because there is a
*client-document-format-error*. Are there some other ways I can get a more
detailed error message as to why the job is failing, what exactly is the
problem with the PCLm file? Since the file I am sending can be viewed in a
standard PDF editor correctly.

It would be great if someone could help here. I am currently working on
converting raster images to PCLm files, and there can be many errors with
PCLm files which the PDF viewer does not show but the printer will. Also,
if someone has some PCLm files which can be printed without any errors (and
having a strip height of 32 if possible) and can share with me, it would be
very helpful.

Sahil Arora
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