MFD> MFD Teleconference 5/27 11am EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference 5/27 11am EDT

MFD> MFD Teleconference 5/27 11am EDT

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at XEROX.COM
Tue May 22 12:31:04 EDT 2007



On Thursday May 27 an MFD Teleconference will be held.  The details for
the phone and net meeting are below.  

The document being reviewed is available at
<> >.

There is also a version with revision marks named
wd-mfdscanreq10-20070522_rev.pdf in the same directory as 

well as the MSWord versions with a ".doc" file extension. 


Please take a look at the diagrams and come to the meetings with issues.


May 24 2007
11 am - 12 pm eastern



Tele-Con Number:1-866-365-4406

Pass Code: 2635888


Net Conference Details:


Meeting Number:          747275324

Meeting Passcode:        PwgSm


Join Instructions for Instant Net Conference:

1. Join meeting at:

2. Enter the required fields.

3. Indicate that you have read the Privacy Policy.

4. Click on Proceed.



 1) Agenda bashing
 2) Discuss Use Case diagrams and identify/resolve issues     

 5) Next steps



Peter Zehler
Xerox Research Center Webster
Email: Peter.Zehler at
Voice: (585) 265-8755
FAX: (585) 265-7441
US Mail: Peter Zehler
Xerox Corp.
800 Phillips Rd.
M/S 128-25E
Webster NY, 14580-9701 


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