MFD> Scan Service Requirement Doc Questions

MFD> Scan Service Requirement Doc Questions

MFD> Scan Service Requirement Doc Questions

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at
Wed Feb 6 14:42:21 EST 2008

Hello All,


I have the following questions and/or concerns about the latest Scan Service
Requirements document.  

"Network Scan Service use Cases and Requirements"  January 31, 2008.


Comments beyond typo and editing corrections


1.	The current definition for the term "Scan Document" does not
actually state is contains the scanned digital document itself.  It states
that it contains the "Scan Document Information".   

a.	If this is true, then the term "Digital Document" definition
becomes; "The digitized data of the Hardcopy Document."
b.	If this is true, then the term "Scan Document Data" definition
becomes:"The digitized data of the Hardcopy Document.   This term is used
interchangeable with Digital Document throughout this document."

2.	The term "Template Manager Service" has contained in its definition
the wording " ... the interfaces for creating, ...maintaining" .    I need
clarification of the terms "interfaces", "creating" and "maintaining".  Does
the word "interfaces" mean the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or
does it mean the user (gui/line-commands/etc) interfaces;  I believe it is
means APIs but which is the intent?  The word creating has the same
implication of a GUI or user-interface.   However, it may have meant "to
create a new template".  I would contend that the "Template Manager Service"
would provide the services of store and retrieve only.  To create a new
template, the Scan Client would get an existing template or the default
template by a retrieve command to the  "Template Manager Service"; the user
would modify the retrieve template; the Scan Client would then request the
"Template Manager Service" to store the modified template under a new name.
Thus, the  "Template Manager Service" only performs store and retrieve.   As
for the word "maintaining", what does this mean?  What is being
3.	In the definition for "Scan Job Receipt", is the lower-case word
"element" meant to be the "XML term" "Element".  If not, I would suggest
changing the word "element" to remove ambiguity with the XML term "Element".
Would the word "attribute" be better?   If the term "element" means
"Element", then it needs to be capitalized.
4.	Should the term "Scan Service Discovery" be added to section 3.2 as
5.	For Use Case 2:

a.	I admit to being confused at this point.   I thought we were going
to eliminate the first paragraph of the use-case.   I though this was going
to be simple use-case of "Walk up Scanning using an existing Scan Job
Template" and not "Walk up Scanning using a pre-defined Scan Job Template".
Thus, if this is the former case, the first paragraph can be removed.   The
discussion we had over the phone was that an IT-department would restrict
the user by having a scan client that would not allow restricted fields to
be set.
b.	The word "boundaries" should be changed, since in scanning
boundaries will imply the physical scanning area and not boundaries (in
pages) between documents.
c.	This use-case has what I call "Implied Requirements" or "Inferred
Requirements" that can not be directly identified by the use-case or the
processing steps.  For example,  Design Req: 2.6 "Must Honor" is not even
hinted at in the use-case or the processing steps but this does seem to be
the use-case to include it. (We could expand the pervious use-case to
discuss these kinds of details.)   What I would suggest and have done in my
own work is to have a requirements section called "Implied Requirement" as a
separate section of the design requirements.  These requirements that are
not directly identifiable by the use-case but are "under the covers" or that
"must be included" to make the use-case be functional.  Therefore I would
like to suggest the following document modification


6.2.2 Requirements Precondition Requirements

               Precondition Req: 2.1  The Scan Client SHALL use the Scan
Service Directory requirements of section 6.7 Design Requirements

               Design Req:  2.1 .........................    Implied Requirements

Implied Req: 2.1 The Scan Service SHALL support a "Must Honor"


More later...







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