MFD> mfd teleconference notes

MFD> mfd teleconference notes

MFD> mfd teleconference notes

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We really did not have a quorum for the MFD teleconference.   We started
at three and ended up with five before adjourning.  No formal meeting
minutes will be posted.   As long as we were on the phone I did capture
some comments.  People with specific comments will send them to Nancy
and I.   The comments on the Resource service specification that I
captured were:  

1)       On page 8 under Resource Service The clause "There is an
instance of Resource Service associated with each MFD Service." should
be removed.  The Resource Service is just another service on the network
and it is not required to be bound to an instance of an MDF.

2)       On page 9 the Signature definition needs work.

3)       Page 7 Firmware is out of scope.  It was also pointed out that
when the Template Service was generalized to a Resource Service there
was a collision with the existing Resource element in the MFD model.
The installed resources for an MFD were renamed to ResidentResources.
There needs to be a discussion on the relationship between
ResidentResources and the Resources accessible via a Resource Service.
This will be added to the Face to Face agenda.

4)        There is no required Resource creation function.  The
PutResource operation should be mandatory.


I will be putting out an agenda for the upcoming face to face.  Anyone
wishing to address specific items during the MFD session should send
them to me.


The MFD Schema and WSDL files will not be modified until after the Face
to Face.  The Scan Service specification will also remain unchanged
until after the Face to Face.  I will leave it to Nancy to determine if
she will put out an updated document based on the comments above and
those submitted via email by MFD members.






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