MFD> Issue to resolve before PWG wide Last Call of Scan spec

MFD> Issue to resolve before PWG wide Last Call of Scan spec

MFD> Issue to resolve before PWG wide Last Call of Scan spec

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at
Thu Aug 28 09:50:40 EDT 2008



I have come across a small issue in some of my prototyping of Scan,
Print and Resource when trying to co-locate them on a single port.  The
issue is a result of moving to a single namespace for all of the MFD.
In a SOAP binding using document/literal encoding, messages are
dispatched using the SoapAction or the message name in the body of the
request.  The implication here is that all operations across the MFD
services must have a unique name or they need to be differentiated by
namespace.   Differentiating service operations by namespace changes the
fully qualified name of the operations.


We have common administrative operations such as Pause and Resume.  We
also have some common service specific operations such as CreateJob that
share a name but differ in the contents of the parameters.


Possible solutions:

1)       Change back to multiple namespace approach putting each service
in its own namespace.

2)       Modify the operation names to include the name of the service
in all operations.


Proposed solution:

I prefer alternative 2.  Alternative 1 will cause some extensibility
point issues and complicates the structure of the WSDL and schemas.
There is some mapping that needs to be done with solution 2 and deployed
Web Services (e.g. WS-Scan).   I see no problem with that since a
mapping is required even if the unqualified operation names are aligned.
The mapping required is trivial.


If there is no objection, I will make the change before moving to PWG
wide Last Call.  If anyone wishes to discuss this at a teleconference I
can delay sending the document for PWG wide Last Call.  Please send me a
note this week if you to discuss this further.






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